Monday, May 23, 2011

Clairvaux Manifesto, page 133

(quote) Breathed to life by the wind, drenched in cleansing waters, and salted with fire, the children of God are taking back the earth one broken, yet lovely, person at a time; they are occupying in obedience until he comes. No matter how noble the king’s sacrifice seemed, Samuel retorted Saul’s self-defense with “to obey God is better than sacrifice” (1 Sm 15:22). In Hebrews, we are taught that Jesus, in reverent submission, “learned obedience from what he suffered” (Heb 5:8). God learned obedience; how much more must we? Like a child undergoing discipline, I must want to learn obedience. I must want to obey.

There is some kind of paradox about obedience to the Father being the focus of the will of Jesus, and Jesus’ sacrifice being the crux of his infinite resignation to the will of his Father.

(end quote)


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