Wednesday, December 02, 2009

breaking the ice

This pic was taken last winter beneath lake ice buckling over the shore; it's two feet thick. This morning started out a balmy -19C here in Canmore. Won't be long before the kids are exploring ice caves on the lake again. There are so many points of view and access.

I can write a bit about the windswept ice. I can write from within a moment, an experience with a dash of perspective; my kids stepped out onto the ice. I can write with conviction, something profound, which I believe with all my heart, looking for an echo over the barren snows of the lake while my kids crawl fearlessly beneath the ice.

Ice can be viewed and respected, it can also be explored and stewarded.

I can hide the truth between the lines, allowing wisdom to be as elusive as the reader allows it to be. On the other hand, I can prophecy. Those words are the choicest, most measured, most hidden, yet most enlightening words of all. They are God's words, accomplishing God's ends, which have been justified by very certain means! (Jesus' blood, never frozen, flows freely).

In the dead of winter, break the ice, anticipating the full flow of Spring. Water is always flowing somewhere below. Sometimes, we are commanded to help it along a bit on the surface; declare the future with a shattering sound. Icebreakers understand. It's what blood and words are all about!

From an email I just received,
My 'apparently becoming a christian' friend, is on page 110 of your book and she says that what you write about is beyond what she would have thought about. She says that she wants that type of journey and that she is so glad to have the book because she is so hungry for the Word... she listens to a daily radio sermon and this morning shared the message of the day with me: there is no excuse not to pray... her sister 'randomly' bought her a Bible... I mean, isn't that unbelievable and unexpected blessing?


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