Monday, October 03, 2005

Monasteries and Rebuilding

Since being in Hungary and Germany I have been wondering and pondering about the role of the Church in societies taking many generations to rebuild after ruinous wars and crippling ideologies. Beautiful Budapest is covered in spray paint - from the waist down. Every 19th Century building is tagged and retagged with graffiti, even in the suburbs. It's like a whole generation is saying, "We are tearing down these old constructs ourselves, in a peacefully uglifying kind of way." It's like a revolution out of smouldering ruins through the creativity of renaissance.

Hungarians, like my father, have incredible work ethic. The whole city of Budapest was abuzz by 6 am. They are a stong humble people. A sleeping giant is about to burst to life. With next years introduction of the Euro as currency, Hungary will continue to rise.

While in Dresden, Germany I counted no less than seven cranes rebuilding the old city, a city that remembers being leveled to the ground by an allied bombing during WWII which resulted in at least 25, 000 civilian casualties.

Seeing those "seven" cranes from my perch atop a newly rebuilt church reminded me of a late night prayer meeting I had with God in a lonely airport hotel room in Toronto last October. It was after midnight and I was praying over the airport and city from the perspective of my sixth floor room.

Looking toward the airport I noticed red lights on the roofs of many local hotels, lights for planes. As I prayed into this picture of red lights I counted seven of them that were predominant. God spoke to me there in the darkness of my room, "There are seven gateway cities." I wasn't sure what that meant, but I have been praying into it for a year. Last week in Budapest, my heart lept as I prayed over the city and that still small voice said, "This is a gateway city." So I've been praying that way for Budapest and whatever it means will grow clearer in time.


At October 04, 2005, Anonymous Corey said...

"rather this poor world has a right to a place in my solitude." This is a call that I live by as the Lord has called me into a monastic type lifestyle of prayer. I pray with my heart AND my hands. It is great to catch up on what is going on in your heart and mind. I will pray for Budapest - thanks for the call.
Corey Wegenast

At October 04, 2005, Blogger Kirk Bartha said...

Corey, I'm praying for you and Paul as you continue to emigrate deeper into the kingdom of God, for the sake of many cities, which are becoming nations. Seven gateway cities representing seven nations...rising up beyond smouldering ruins that have collapsed under the tests of history.

Out there in the green spaces, pick up those giant boulders to build...and the only way to pick them up and put them on your shoulders is in the power of Spirit, who will only ever honour the Word of the Father, so take heed to this Word, and do not be moved by emotion or thought, for true wisdom to lead in this age is found only in the freedom of LOGOS which comes from a source other than the limited human mind. Set your mind on things above, and the Word will come to you.

A great line in the movie "Kingdom of God" is when Orlando Bloom, who has just defended Jerusalem to a place of peace and truce and who has fallen in love with the Queen of Jerusalem (sister of the King).... Anyway, Balian humble defender of Jerusalem (Bloom)says to her after the fall of the city, while she is dejected and numb from losing her kingdom, "Stop being a queen and I will come to you." I wonder if Jesus says this to his church....

I'm going to search for the movie script online and get that line right and then blog on this later....

To repeat: Set your mind on things above and the Word will come to you.


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